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So i was playing video games at my best friend's house, when suddenly her mom step in with some groceries. She was so hot and sexy.
One of those moms i like to fuck (MILF). So she went to the kitchen
and started making a delicious pie, just like her, delicious. So i was checking her out, when out of nowhere, she called me. I was surprise
she call me. But the next thing I know I was touching her tits and
licking her pussy. She then started blowing me and giving the best
head i have ever had. I don't know if it was because she was
my best friend's mom or it was just that she was sexy as hell.
Then i started fucking her! In all the positions, even doggy
that I love. And suddenly, i woke up. It was all a dream,
FUCK! But still in my mind like if it really happen.